Since the establishment in the 2nd semester of the 2005th school year, the General Affairs Section has been responsible for class increase and adjustment of department and graduate programs, review and publication of Hungkuang Journal, meetings of the Academia Affairs Office, planning and implementation of Comprehensive Development Budget in improving teaching and faculty qualification structure items (subsidiary for teaching auxiliary media development, faculty’s participation in international competitions, teaching advancement and innovative practice teaching project, and domestic research and study), application for the MOE research project, management, control, and conclusion of case, the MOE evaluation (including self-evaluation and certification of the Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan/IEEE), and various related visit activities, audit of department-based curriculum development, consolidation of school affairs development project and action activities in the Academic Affairs Office, annual quality goal execution, annual report of the Academic Affairs Office, integration of annual budget preparation and control, property management, maintenance and storage, annual schedule of the Academic Affairs Office, etc.